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Can a liberal agenda that sells in the Bronx win over voters in Kansas?

The Washington Post – July 10, 2018

Welder, a former Sanders delegate who has gotten the most attention among the Democratic candidates, sees his approach as energizing the party’s base and at the same time attracting populist voters who sided with Trump. The pitch: What’s good for the Bronx and Queens would be even better for Kansas.

Bernie Sanders wades into race against Yoder, endorses former delegate Welder

Kansas City Star – June 25, 2018

“In Congress he will fight for a fifteen-dollar minimum wage, ending crippling student loan debt with debt-free college, and Medicare for all. I’m supporting Brent because he is the bold progressive voice Kansas needs in Congress.”

First TYT Member to Be in Congress?

The Young Turks – June 15, 2018

We’re going to prove to everyone in the country that bold progressive stances aren’t just good policy and will not just help people, but it is the way to win even in Kansas.

The Medicare For All Debate Isn’t Settled For Democrats In Many Swing Districts

Buzzfeed News – May 15, 2018

Brent Welder calls Medicare for All an “economic and moral imperative.” It’s the single issue, he said, that has allowed him to connect most with voters: “I go out every day and meet people who agree we need a fundamental change to the system. We need candidates who are going to make bold changes — not just to tinker at the edge of the system.”

A Democratic Spring: 12 Left Challengers Taking On the Party Establishment in 2018

In These Times – May 14, 2018

This race would be a stark battle pitting loads of corporate cash against grassroots organizing and activism. Yoder raised about $1.8 million in 2017 and had about that much on hand at the end of the year. Welder, meanwhile, raised about $256,000 and had $179,000 on hand. He intends to close the gap, as he told The Young Turks Network, by running “the biggest grassroots campaign of any congressional district in the country.”

KCK human rights activist optimistic about reaching goals

Wyandotte Daily – April 27, 2018

At one point during the last year, Sykes looked at running for Congress, but has decided to give his support to Democrat Brent Welder of Bonner Springs instead. Sykes said his views are compatible with Welder’s views. Welder is a labor lawyer who was a supporter of Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. Sykes likes some of the basics, including Welder’s positions on the issues. He also likes that Welder has a campaign office in Kansas City, Kansas.

Here come the candidates for Kansas’ 3rd Congressional District, one door at a time

The Kansas City Star – April 27, 2018

“Hi, I’m Brent Welder, and we’re running against Kevin Yoder.” Who would’ve thought that in 2018, in the age of Donald Trump and high-level social media strategies and sophisticated 30-second TV ads, that there still would be room for bare knuckles rapping on doors?

Democrats polling ahead in 2018 Kansas Congressional race

Democratic Underground – March 18, 2018

Brent Welder is a ”Bernie blue” Democrat, running on the platform that U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders ran his campaign on in 2016 — like a $15 minimum wage and universal health care for all. In a recent poll conducted by Progressive Change Campaign that surveyed 315 likely voters, 49 percent said they would vote for Welder over Yoder. In that same poll, 41 percent approved of the job that President Donald Trump has been doing as president.

New PPP poll shows labor attorney and Sanders delegate defeating Rep. Kevin Yoder.

Our Revolution News – February 27, 2018

“Brent Welder is emblematic of the kind of candidates stepping up all across the country to serve their communities by running for office,” said Our Revolution President Nina Turner. “Brent has dedicated his life’s work to defending union workers’ rights, ensuring that they are fairly compensated, not subjugated to unsafe conditions, and have access to quality affordable healthcare. We are proud to endorse this strong progressive advocate to represent the people Kansas in the U.S. House of Representatives.”

Democrats take gun control demands to suburban House races

KEYT News – February 23, 2018

Brent Welder, a Democrat running in eastern Kansas, has attacked his opponent, Republican Rep. Kevin Yoder, for having the backing of the NRA, calling the group “merely a front for the gun lobby.”

Kevin Yoder’s campaign is being fueled by PAC money

The Kansas City Star – February 7, 2018

“The difference between Kevin Yoder’s campaign and mine could not be clearer,” Welder said in a statement. “Yoder takes corporate PAC money, I don’t. He can keep fighting for payday loan sharks and Wall Street, and I’ll keep fighting for working people like the thousands of union laborers, nurses, railroaders and painters that have already joined my campaign.”

Shake-Up In The Kansas Race For The 3rd Congressional District Seat

KMUW News – December 19, 2017

A shake-up in the race for the Democratic nomination in Kansas’ 3rd Congressional District is boosting the campaign of labor lawyer Brent Welder.

Kansas congressional candidate calls for assault-weapon ban

The Topeka Capital-Journal – October 2, 2017

Kansas congressional candidate Brent Welder, who is seeking the Democratic nomination in the 3rd District held by GOP Rep. Kevin Yoder, said he was sickened and angered by another mass shooting in the United States. He said members of Congress must stand up to the National Rifle Association and other organizations opposed to limitations on acquisition of assault weapons. “Thoughts and prayers are not enough. It’s time for action,” Welder said. “Members of Congress must stop cowering to the big-money NRA. Hunters don’t use assault weapons – mass murderers do. They must be illegal.”

Bernie Sanders-linked group backs Kansas lawyer in race to challenge Yoder

The Kansas City Star – September 13, 2017

“Our campaign will continue to build on the momentum that Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign built during his overwhelming victories in Kansas and in our district,” Welder said in a statement. “My goal is to be the progressive voice that will represent working people — not the wealthy one percent — and I look forward to passing Medicare for All when I’m in Congress.”

Politicians denounce Gov. Brownback at Working Kansas Alliance’s Labor Day picnic

The Topeka Capital-Journal – September 4, 2017

Brent Welder, a labor attorney, who is running for the U.S. House of Representatives in Kansas’ 3rd district as a Democrat, also chided Trump. “Donald Trump is waging war against you, against your families, against your parents, against your children,” he said.

Lawyer with links to Bernie Sanders runs for Congress in Kansas

The Kansas City Star – July 24, 2017

Welder is seeking the seat in Kansas’ 3rd Congressional District, which is currently held by U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder, an Overland Park Republican. He promised to forgo money from corporate political action committees and repeatedly railed against the country’s “rigged economy” like Sanders did on the presidential campaign trail. “I think only a populist candidate can win this district for the Democratic Party,” Welder said in a phone call.